Zero Waste Policy

Zero Waste Participation Agreement

Dear vendor, demonstrator, activity leader, or participant:

Thank you for your interest in participating at Piscataqua Riverfest. In celebrating our rivers, our goal is to eliminate the negative impacts of waste and have this be a Zero Waste event. The goal at a Zero Waste event is to plan ahead and distribute only materials that are recyclable or compostable.  

“Resource Recovery Stations” consisting of recycling, compost and liquid collection containers will be available to participants at numerous locations throughout festival. There will not be trash containers around. If you intend to hand out products at this event, your cooperation is a vital part in the success of our Zero Waste initiative.

Vendors attending Piscataqua Riverfest are required to hand out only recyclable, compostable or reusable materials. Remember, if an item is not recyclable locally, we cannot recycle it, even if your supplier has told you it can be recycled. If you have any questions as to whether your items are considered recyclable or compostable, please call us at 603.433.9505. We will answer your questions and help you understand your important role in this Zero Waste event.

Please note that you will only be allowed to distribute recyclable or compostable products during this event. We ask that you leave behind any non-recyclable or non-compostable items. Your signature on the vendor application acknowledges that you will abide by all Zero Waste guidelines and requirements. Our Zero Waste goal is simple to attain if you plan ahead of time the kinds of materials you will be providing to the public at the event.

Here are some ideas that can help you achieve this goal:

  • Consider your options with any item distributed. All food and drinks can use compostable materials, and we’ll be encouraging participants to bring re-usable bottles for filling drinks.
  • Any items distributed should be waste-free. Please removing any packaging from items or find alternatives to individually wrapped goods.
  • Use compostable or reusable bags rather than plastic bags.
  • Use post-consumer (preferred) or recycled content paper for flyers, programs and handouts. Choose to print on paper with the highest recycled content you can find.
  • Do not use neon, craft, or dark-colored papers as these cannot be recycled.
  • Candy wrappers, energy bars, chip bags and packaging from pre-packaged food are landfill items. Please refrain from using any of these and find alternative options.

Thank you for supporting our Zero Waste goal and we look forward to working with you to make this a successful Zero Waste event!

To download this information on a PDF, please use the link below: