Built-it-Yourself Boat Display Info

We are thrilled to welcome boatbuilders to the Piscataqua River Festival. The traditional and local wooden boat show is a central part of the festival, and will highlight boat builders, businesses, and local folks who’ve built their own boat.

All boats will be displayed on land, so must be able to be trailered. We are looking for traditional and classic boats of up to 26 feet, including powerboats, kayaks, wherries, skiffs, daysailers, and canoes, and particularly for vessels of local significance. There will be awards for both amateur and professional boatbuilders. Built-it-yourself boats may be registered for a $10 fee per boat.

To qualify for the built-it yourself category, your boat must be:

  • Built by you
  • Under 26 feet
  • A powerboat, human-powered boat, or a sailboat
  • Able to be trailered. Boats must be dropped off at Strawbery Banke Museum on the evening prior, or during the morning hours before the festival opens. Pick up will occur at 5-6pm. Note that any boats left overnight do not have security provided.

The Gundalow Company reserves the right to refuse built-it-yourself boat displays for any reason or as it deems necessary. The displayer and Gundalow Company agree that neither Gundalow Company, nor any of its employees or agents, shall be liable for loss, damage, third-party damages, claims, or loss to property, person, or vessels in the event of storms, floods, high winds, gales, or hurricanes.

To register your built-it-yourself boat, please complete BOTH the following steps:

Fill out the vendor form here:

Follow this link to pay the $10 registration fee: