Demonstrators, Presenters, and Activity Leaders

Demonstrators, presenters or activity organizers are asked to relate their work to maritime heritage or the marine environment. These programs will appear in our schedule/program and must be pre-approved by the Gundalow Company.

We are looking for demonstration, presentations, and activities that:

  • Teach a maritime or traditional skill
  • Educate about the marine environment
  • Teach people how to improve the health of the marine environment
  • Celebrate water, our heritage, the environment, or the region
  • Other topics that relate to the festival or the mission of the Gundalow Company

You may select to run a program at a scheduled time or as a vendor you may offer an ongoing activity or demonstration at your table, tent, etc.

Demonstrators, Presenters, or Activity Leaders must supply all their own materials and must indicate on the form below if they need electricity or water. Vendors will receive a $50 discount if they offer an activity that the Gundalow Company approves, as relating to the event. Any demonstrator, presenter or activity leader who plans to sell their goods must also purchase a vendor space.

Demonstrations, presentations, and activities will be scheduled by the Gundalow Company by April 1st and we ask that you report to the location 15 minutes prior to the start of the demonstration/presentation/activity.

The Gundalow Company reserves the right to refuse demonstrators, presenters, or activity leaders that do not meet our requirements as space allows, or for any reason deemed necessary. The demonstrators, presenters, or activity leaders agree that neither Gundalow Company, nor any of its employees or agents, shall be liable for loss, damage, third-party damages, claims, or loss to property, person, or vessels in the event of storms, floods, high winds, gales, or hurricanes.

To become a Demonstrators, Presenters, or Activity Leaders please fill out the online form:

Please email questions to or call us at 603.433.9505